Criminal Defense- developing a defense for those that have been charged with a crime

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

While civil law is concerned with disputes and compensation,  criminal law deals with crime and punishment.  Criminal law is the body of rules that regulates social conduct and prohibits threatening, harming, or otherwise endangering the health, safety, and moral welfare of others.  There can be serious consequences for violating a criminal law.


Drug Offenses

While most drug charges are classified as felonies, punishment of the offense is determined by the type of drug involved, its classification under the drug schedule, the amount the offender is found with, and whether intent to distribute can be proven. A conviction for drug trafficking carries stiff penalties, and you could lose federal benefits as well as any real estate and other personal property you own.

Drug offenses can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with on your own.  You will need the services of experienced counsel, an advocate with a thorough knowledge base and understanding of the legal system who can build a solid defense for your case.

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When you’ve been charged with assault, it can seem that the entire world — and judicial system — is against you.  But as with every story, there is always another side…and we will work tirelessly to make sure that YOUR side of the story is heard.

An experienced criminal defense attorney, The Law Offices of Joseph R. Welch, P.A. aggressively defends clients facing first and second degree assault charges.  By thoroughly investigating the surrounding circumstances, and with his knowledge and extensive experience with the local courts, many times he is able to negotiate reduced charges, reduce the defendant’s exposure at a plea hearing…or even obtain an acquittal or non-guilty disposition at trial.


Theft | Robbery

Theft is a blanket term for the illegal acquisition of property. Theft can refer to tangible or material things; or intangible things, such as intellectual property or identity theft.  Robbery involves the use of force or intimidation to take something of value from somebody. The degree of robbery depends on facts such as whether or not there were weapons present, whether there were accomplices and the level of danger the victim was in.
Burglary concerns the illegal entry of a property with the intent to commit a theft and is known as “breaking and entering” or “breaking in.”

A proper understanding of the type of offense and the statutory defenses provided by the state of Maryland to the offenders particular case is necessary to obtain the best potential outcome in the case

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Juvenile Offenses

Children can and do make poor choices.  And facing a child’s poor choices can be unbearable and heartbreaking for a parent, especially when laws are broken and the child is facing charges.

Here at the Law Offices of Joseph R. Welch, P.A., we understand that your child’s poor choices are not necessarily an indication of poor parenting.  With our knowledge of the juvenile justice system and our genuine concern for the future of your child, we can help your family as you move through dark days towards new beginnings.

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