Frequently Asked Questions-what you should know about your case.



 What are the different degrees of assault?

First Degree Assault is charged when there is a serious physical injury, it carries a sentence of 25 years. Second Degree Assault is charged when there is an non-consented attempt to touch another who is placed in imminent bodily harm.


What are the possible defenses for assault?

Whether of not it happened in self defense, Assault happening in  the defense of others, identifying who started the fight, proving an unreliable state witness, cases of mistaken identity, etc.


Do I need to call the police if I have an accident?

Yes. By contacting the police after your auto accident you will be able to obtain a “police report” about the auto accident. A police report can be an essential part of your auto accident claim because it should detail who the police believe was negligent and thus liable for the accident. Contact the Law Offices of Joseph R. Welch, P.A. to schedule your free initial auto accident consultation. If you are unable to come to our office due to your injuries we will come to you.


I feel fine. Should I still see a doctor after my auto accident?

Yes. Many times injuries sustained during an auto accident do not arise for some time after the auto accident occurred. This means that while you may feel all right now, you may be injured internally. You should always seek medical attention after being involved in an auto accident. There are various forms of insurance that will pay for any medical costs you have to pay following an auto accident.


What should I say to the insurance adjuster after my auto accident?

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies and it is their job to save the insurance company as much money as possible from your auto accident. While it is all right to speak with the insurance adjuster about the auto accident you should always have a witness present, preferably an experienced auto accident layer.


Can’t I handle my auto accident claim without a lawyer?

You may be able to handle your auto accident claim without the aid of an auto accident lawyer but it will be much more difficult. An auto accident lawyer will have experience dealing with insurance adjusters and insurance companies. An auto accident lawyer will also be able to investigate the auto accident and help show that the auto accident was not your fault. Settlements reached with the aid of an auto accident lawyer are generally more substantial that settlements reached without an experienced auto accident lawyer. If trial is required, you will need a skilled auto accident lawyer. Contact the Law Offices Joseph R. Welch, P.A. for a free initial auto accident consultation or if you have any unanswered auto accident questions.